Toolhoo Toolhoo

The Social commerce of
viral promotion.

here they earn on behavior


A simple tool

The technological solution of viral promotion, accessible to everyone.

Opinion leaders

Algorithm for determining the coefficient of influence on the audience and involvement.

Organic audience

Instant and wide reach of potential customers.

Tokensale is the only opportunity to buy Psybit(PBT)
all not sold tokens will be burned!
The first phase
  • min 100 ETH
  • max 300 ETH
Presale The course of
PBT in ETH has
not yet been determined
  • Discount
  • 50%
The second phase
  • max 7500 ETH
coming soon Date not yet determined
  • Discount
  • 35-25%
The third phase
  • max 36000 ETH
coming soon Date not yet determined
  • Discount
  • 20-15%
  • bitcoin
  • Screen 02
  • Screen 03
  • Screen 04
  • Screen 04

The principle of the platform

Blockchain technology, psychodiagnostics and sociology create a unique mechanics


The incentive mechanism and loyalty system rewards each user with the Psybit token for providing information about their internal expectations, moods and interests.

Calculation of the opinions Leader

To earn more, you need to be active, form social circles and interact with other people. A user who has a degree of influence on members of his circle becomes an Alpha

Data processing

In a changing flow of moods, expectations and interests, our algorithm determines at "the right time, in the right place - the right person" to each user who wants to initiate a business process.

Business Initiation

From the list of current Opinion Leaders with the exact number of active and subordinated subscribers - the businessman remains to be filtered according to the interests and expectations of the necessary Leaders or Leader and to start the company


The user is given the opportunity to earn a part of the Leader, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to instantly start the company and form a budget for distribution by the Alpha-users.

Token sale

Toolhoo is a complex social and economic system

with an incentive reward system for human activity within the platform.

The economy is built on the incentive system of user rewards and the transactional payment model, where the Psybit (PBT) token acts as the business model unit.

The release of the PBT token is limited to (one billion) and the subsequent emission is unpossible, which means that the economic model of the PBT token is deflationary. The token complies with the ERC20 standard.

The Toolhoo platform will not sell the Psybit token, except for the initial sale of the PBT token in the Presale stage. In the future, there are only three options for purchasing the PBT token:
to receive rewards for loyalty, activity.
to buy from other users.
to earn from an entrepreneur or Leader of opinions.

Our advantages

Organic audience

Current user information is divided into categories such as: Interest, Expectations, Mood, Gender, Age, Region

Viral Coverage

users Readiness and desire to spread among their friends, colleagues and relatives interesting information, for the sake of increasing and maintaining their status

Direct access to the Opinions Leaders

Possibilities of parametric choice of Leaders or opinions Leader, with the most maximum match of strategy and company's goals.

Tokenization of relations

Blockchain technology provides opportunities to engage an audience that does not have bank accounts and which, so far, has stayed away from business processes.


Our team has a clear idea of the development and creation of the Toolhoo platform. The roadmap and plans in general are built on the fact that we successfully conducted Tokensale and have enough funds to continue.

2 September 2015
Getting Started with Toolhoo
21 July 2017
Launch of the official version
25 October 2017
Collection and analysis of data for the implementation of your token
19 December 2017
The beginning of the platform business model development
2 January 2018
The main components development
2Q 2018
Tokensale Launch
3Q 2018
The company creation and registration
Create the smart contract
Launching the platform
4Q 2018
Output of a token (listing) on ​​main exchanges
Updating the functionality of platform
1Q 2019
Starting intra-platform transactions "user-business"
Updating the platform functionality
2Q 2019
Launch of the recommendation service and personal assistant
Creation of the web interface, for corporate clients
3Q 2019
Running and testing a heuristic human behavior analysis - Machine learning
4Q 2019
Beginning of data collection and analysis for launching and testing the neurointerface

We are here to contribute this world. Otherwise, why are we here?
Steven Paul Jobs

Our team

The best proof of our cohesion, professionalism is the ready application Toolhoo and openness, but not a description written about ourself.

Alexander Bazdyrev

Founder, CEO, Programmer,
Master of Psychology
Aleksandr Bazdyirev

Nadezhda Sheykina

CMO, Marketing
Development and Mechanics
Nadezhda Sheykina

Mihail Nikolaev

Co-Founder, COO, Programmer
Mihail Nikolaev

Timofei Novikov

CVO (Chief Visionary Officer)
Timofei Novikov

Sergey Stupachev

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Sergey Stupachev

Maksim Lucenko

Web Programmer
SEO optimization
Maksim Lucenko

Olesya Gamolina

Olesya Gamolina

Igor Storozhenko

Professor of mathematics
Mathematical modeling of the system
Igor Storozhenko

Our team is open for cooperation
and proposals.

We will be happy to hear you and accept your suggestions.

For any questions of cooperation, business partnerships, venture investment and work in our team, please send us your suggestions,
in the way is convenient you, Bazdyrev Alexander